Original vocalist and band-leader J. Sats Beret suprisingly had not sung a note between whenever the last Lewd show happened (early 1983) and when he performed with the LEWDmouths in 1998. What's not suprising is he returned with attitude and energy unweakened by time, and switchblades still in his tongue.

Guitarist Bob Clic Joined The Lewd in 1979 after they relocated to San Francisco. Bob has been playing in numerous bands since the 1980s, such as Murder with former VKTM's vocalist Nyna Crawford, Friends of the Gatecrasher, Melting Euphoria and he is also working on a recording project with Steve Weber, legendary guitarist of The Holy Modal Rounders and the Fugs.

Bassplayer Tony Garay has been a friend and fan of the band since the old days. Tony was the artist who created the Lewd Lizards drawing printed on one side of the original liner notes from the American Wino LP.

Second guitarist Steve Clic is the son of Bob Clic and witnessed his first live punk shows while still young enough to be wrapped in blankets. He's been playing guitar since the age of  9 and the father-son guitar team are currently attacking the 20+ year-old material with all the twisted savagery Lewd fans have come to expect.

While the Lewd's records have been out of print for years, songs from the "Kill Yourself" single have reappeared on a few '70s punk compilations. Recently, all their material was compiled onto a bootleg vinyl release entitled "The Lewd - Complete Discography". At last, the Lewd's material has been officially made available on CD by Seattles own Chuckie Boy Records, including a slew of never-before-released early demos and outtakes.  Now available on ITunes! The Lewd have had their songs covered by bands such as The Loudmouths, Turbonegro, The Dipshits and the Safety Pins. Yet no one can totally recreate that demented Lewd sound. ROCK N ROLL!!!

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Current band Line-up

J. Sats Beret-vocals,

Bob Clic-guitar

Steve Clic-guitar

Tony Garay-bass

Mic Rawles-drums

So you wanna book The Lewd do you?  

For the love of the music, and the thrill of the gig The Lewd is available for select shows, chosen benefits, and dates that have the greatest possibility of a great time...

Contact:  thelewd@gmail.com