Véronique Thelen

CREM- University of Rennes 1

Current Position:
Assistant Professor at University of Rennes 1

Professional Experiences:
2011-2013: Assistant Professor at University of Lille 1, EQUIPPE
2010-2011: Junior Lecturer at Toulouse School of Economics
2007-2010:  “Allocation de Recherche”, French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
2007-2010:  Moniteur for the University of Toulouse (teaching assistant).

Prior Education:
• Ph.D. in Economics from Toulouse School of Economics (ARQADE), December 20
        Dissertation:  “Can foreign aid mitigate violent conflict?”
        Advisor: Jean-Paul Azam (TSE- ARQADE).
        Jury:    Claude Berrebi (RAND corporation et Hebrew University, referee)
                    Javier Gardeazabal (Universidad del Pais Vasco, referee)
                    Farid Gasmi (Université Toulouse 1, TSE)
        Mention Très Honorable avec Félicitations
• 2007-2008    Diplôme Européen d’Economie Quantitative (DEEQA), post-master program, Toulouse School of Economics.
• 2005-2007    Master in Economic Theory and Econometrics, Toulouse School of Economics.
• 2004-2007    Magistère d’Economiste Statisticien, Toulouse University of Social Sciences.
• 2002-2005    Bachelor degree in Econometrics, Toulouse University of Social Sciences. 

Work in Progress :
• “Did the Aid Boom Pacify Sub-SAharan Africa ? (with Jean-Paul Azam).
• “Can Foreign Aid Protect Minorities at Risk?”
• "Food Prices and Conflicts" (with Isabelle Cadoret and Marie-Hélène Hubert)

Publications ::
• Fighting terrorism at Source. Using Foreign Aid to delegate Global Security, (with Jean-Paul Azam) Edward Elgar, 2018
• “The Geo-Politics of Foreign Aid and Transnational Terrorism” (with Jean-Paul Azam), Revue d'Economie du Developpement, vol. 28, 263-288, 2014.
• “Foreign Aid vs. Military Intervention in the War on Terror” (with Jean-Paul Azam), Journal of Conflict Resolution, 54 (2), 237-261, April 2010.
• “Optimal Expansion of the Power Transmission Grid: Why not?” (with Thomas-Olivier Léautier), Journal of Regulatory Economics, 36, 127-153, 2009.
•  “The Roles of Foreign Aid and Education in the War on Terror” (with Jean-Paul Azam), Public Choice, 135 (3-4), 375-397, June 2008.

Book Chapter:
•  “Dilemmas of Foreign Aid in Post-Conflict Areas” RAND MG-1119- OSD, In Dilemmas of Intervention: Social Science for Stabilization and Reconstruction, Paul K. Davis, eds. 2011 (with Claude Berrebi)

Activities Related to Research:

 • 2008-2010 : Student organizer of the annual Economic Modelling Workshop (with Paul Seabright and Pierre Dubois).

 • 2009-2011 : Participation to the Development Workshop (organized by Josepa Miquel-Florensa, Emmanuelle Auriol and Stephane Straub).

 • Referee for  Journal of Peace Research, Defence & Peace Economics, International Studies Quarterly

Teaching Experience:

University of Rennes 1:
• Licence 1: mathématiques
• Licence 2: macroéconomie, mathématiques
• Licence 3: Econométrie, économie publique
• Master 2: Panel data, Econométrie spatiale, économie des réseaux

University of Lille 1:
• Fall 2011 and 2012 : Master 1 EMP cours de Microéconomie approfondie: les défaillances de marché (Externalités, biens publics et asymétrie d'information),
                    Master 1 EMP cours de Théorie des organisations,
                    Master 1 ECEN - OGC cours et TP d'économétrie.

University of Padova (Italy):
Feb. 2011: Ph.D students, Game Theory
Undergraduate students, Conflict and development

University of Toulouse 1:

• Fall 2010: 1rst year undergraduate Microeconomics (Consumer Choice and Preferences).
• Fall 2009 and 2010: 3rd year undergraduate Econometric Modelling and Data Analysis (PFA, PCA and Linear Regression).
• Fall 2008 and 2009: 3rd year undergraduate Microeconomics (Externalities, Public Goods and Asymmetric Information).
• Fall 2007 and 2008: 2nd year undergraduate Microeconomics (General Equilibrium).