Mt. Kailash

(You proceed into the Himalayas until you reach Mt. Kailash, the abode of the Lord Shiva. You start to hear the wind blowing along the mountain, echoing the sacred sound that is Ohm. You approach the gate with great haste with your heart and mind targeted at the task that is at hand. Suddenly, you are stopped with a loud "Halt!")

Nandi: Stop traveler. Sada Shiva and the lady Parvati are in a entranced with their dance at the moment. This is not the time for the Lord to grant an Audience. I am sorry, but you can not go any further.

                                You are enraged that this bull DARES to try and stop you!
                       You will bring down Shiva himself and prove to him your strength!


                             You are confident that Lord Shiva will grant you and Audience.
                                     You kneel at the mountain side and start to pray.

Top Image: Nandi, Shiva's Guard. Web Source: Saivism