(photo by Jim Cundiff)
                            Nadine: You'd be well advised to offer her something.
                            Mrs. Moore: How about a smack in the face?
                            Nadine: I was thinking half a million.
                            Mrs. Moore: My arm would get tired.


If you can smile at the first lady while wondering when the hell the caterers are going to show up, you can do anything.

Wife of recently deceased real estate mogul Sidney Moore, Vera jokes, often caustically, to cover her bitterness--at the eventual coldness of her once-loving marriage, at her husband's infidelity, at the early death of her daughter. Having seen some of alcohol's most horrible effects, she has become an ardent, sometimes militant teetotaler. Her strongest attachment is to the one surviving member of her family, her younger daughter, Abbie.



I thought respect for Sid's memory might take the edge off a bit, but you're still as sharp as ever.

Former actress, mistress of the deceased Mr. Moore, Evelyn understands Vera's dislike of her, but feels angry at the older woman's wish to leave her with nothing. Though she hopes for the amicable meeting Ms. Honda insists they can have, she has brought, in her purse and in her memory, several weapons with which, if necessary, she can defend her rights.



All this talk about alcoholism is making me thirsty.

Though, as Mr. Moore's lawyer, she profited greatly from her association with him, Nadine is not sorry he's gone. He used her alcoholism to his advantage, a situation which drove her to sobriety--at least until his death. She has a number of secrets about her dealings with Mr. Moore which she hopes the other women need never learn.

(poster by David Strauss)

The Legacy:
a thriller in
two acts

by Max Gutmann

After the death of Sidney Moore, a billionaire with lots of secrets, his widow and mistress meet to settle their differences before the reading of the will. But their differences, it's soon clear, are unbridgeable. Who will get the bulk of Moore's estate? What sorts of shady dealings was he involved in? Was the man who went to jail for killing Moore's daughter really guilty? How did Sidney Moore really die?