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Module 3: Publishing Issue #2

February 5-22

Lesson Plan

During these weeks, we will work towards publishing Issue #2 of The Leek.  Much of what we do to publish this issue will involve the same process.  We will complete additional activities to learn some new technology, work on our writing and explore some sites that can help improve what we publish.

Activities for Module 3:

  • Issue #1 Reflection (forum?)
  • Newspaper Writing Analysis Lesson
  • OWL at Purdue
  • Voicethread activity on a picture or two
  • Filler lesson

Writing Steps: Remember the process--Prewriting Drafting and Revising

  • Drafting: Post drafts of potential articles to your wiki page.
  • Revising: Peer Edit other people's posts--make changes you feel confident about, make suggestions and ask questions.
  • Revising: Make sure I've reviewed your writing--check comments and revision history.
  • Start to format your page in InDesign.
  • Post your final page as a pdf on your wiki page--label it (your name)Issue #2 Page.

After going through the steps above, go through the rubric and consider how you did last module.