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    This is the old home page. To go to the real page click here.

    Ignore the following information--I'm keeping it here for myself.

    • Continue Collaborating
    • Take people's feedback and choose pieces to focus on for the next issue.  Find, make or request (from Emmet) pictures to go along with your articles.
    • Nothing new added after Friday 5/11
    • Final edits--polish your drafts.
    • I'll start formatting
    Lunch Meeting
    • Logline generator
    • Summer Hype movie
    • Year in Review
    • Fake Newscast
    • Make a plan and commit to roles in the process

    Previous Stuff

    Join the wiki--you should get an email. (Wed 1/11)

    Set up a wiki page--go to the Wiki and follow the directions. (Wed 1/11)

    Get an Intro to RSS News Feeds.  Get a tour of Google Reader and sign up
    Please note: I want you to sign up for a Google Account using your bvsd email and password.  If you have a Google Account, let's talk I think you should keep personal and school accounts.  If you don't care, use your bvsd email. (
    Sun. 4/10)

    Check out the Phase Rubric. (Wed 1/11)

    Check out the Ideas Page. (Wed. 1/11)

    Do a NewSheet.  (Fri 1/13)

    Complete an Info Sheet (Fri 1/13)

    Post to Ideas Page. (Sun 1/15)

    Start writing on your wiki. (Sun 1/15)

    Wed 2/22: Email that you've read and understand what's next, and I will give you ten points.

    Thurs 2/23: NewSheet Due

    Fri 2/24: Check out Ideas Page

    Do some pre-writing. 

    Check out Fillers Page 

    Remember you can email Emmet <> with photo requests

    Contribute to Crossword Clues


    Sun 2/26: Another NewSheet

    Due: Post to Ideas Page


    Mon 2/27: Potential Drafts Due on Wiki Page 

    Put any and all writing you done there. 

    Paste it in so we can edit easily.


    Week of 2/27-3/2: Read other people’s Wiki Drafts—make comments and edits.  Revise your own writing. 


    Weekend 3/3-3/4: Revise and submit writing to publish

    Sun 3/4: Deadline to be published in Issue #2

    If it’s not good enough it’s not going in


    Mon 3/5:  Finish Formatting

    Tues 3/6: Publish CSAP Issue.


    We'll get going on issue #3

    Week of 3/5-3/9  (CSAP Tues-Wed) CSAP Edition

    Week of 3/12-3/16

    Week 3/19-3/23  Spring Break Edition

     Other Resources from Previous Classes:

    This was the set up last quarter.
    3rd Quarter Front Page 
    I'm going to change some things about it, but the goals will remain the same.

    Another home page
    2010 Wiki
    2009 Wiki
    See some old pages

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