Sign~Fake NP Expert GUI Written By LMAN © 2015

Sign~Fake PSP ISOs to PSN EBOOT.PBP Format on the Fly.
No need for any complicated steps, just drag'n'drop or add the source files
then press on the save icon, and this tool will do it's work.

You need to have an activated system with a valid license of any purchased
PSN PSP games in order to use this game as a base for the new signed EBOOT.PBP file,
or you can enable the 'Use Fixed Key' option to use a fixed base key instead of your base game.
You can save a small header of the base PSN game, which you can use it later
instead of the full size of the PSN EBOOT.PBP file, if you enabled the 'Save a Small Base Header' option
and dropped\added the PSN EBOOT.PBP into the second field, the saved header will be in a new folder
named 'bases' which located in the same folder as this tool.
The supported image files to use it as STARTDAT are: '*.PNG, *.JPG, *.JPEG, *.BMP, *.GIF'
If the image dimension larger\smaller than the default size, which is '480x272'
This tool will automatically resize it to the required size.

Microsoft DotNet v4.0.

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Special Thanks to:
hykem, tpu, cue.

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