SFO Editor Written By LMAN © 2015

Edit or Create PARAM SFO\SFX files on the Fly!

SFO\SFX also can be created using a command-line and XML file:
SFOEditor [-c] <inputfile.xml> [-sfo] or [-sfx] or <outputfile>
The [-c] command, which is used to create a new sfo\sfx file.
The <inputfile.xml> which is a template file that contains params.
The <outputfile> can ends with .sfo or .sfx, if you don't want to specify the output file,
then use either [-sfo] or [-sfx] command to save the output file as the same name\location of the xml file.

There is a file named SFOEditor.db, which has the same name as the GUI tool,
This file is a database file which contains all known params for PlayStation systems that using this type of files.
This database file can easily be updated any-time with any new params if available.
By renaming\deleting this file, the tool will load the default built-in params.
Also the same goes to the template files, it can also be edited, like add\edit\remove title, id, category etc.
And you can delete the template folder if you don't want it's contents to be displayed in the menu.

Microsoft DotNet v4.0.

This Editor Support PS3, PS4, PSP, PSVita SFO files.

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