CISO Multi Compressor ( CisoMC ) Written By LMAN (c) 2013

The simple and the easiest way to Compress\Decompress your own PSP ISO\CSO files!

-Support File size over 2GB!
-Support Batch Mode to Compress\Decompress files.
-Support Fast Compressing files using Multi-Process and High Priority Process.
-Support to Pause\Resume files.
-Support to Move the Compressed\Decompressed files directly to PSP Device.
-Support to Choose Write Buffer Size before moving the files to PSP Device.
-Support to Check PSP ISO\CSO files if valid or not before adding it to the list.
-Support to Delete Uncompleted files if failed to Compressed\Decompressed etc...
-Support to Run on Linux Systems using Mono and Wine. ( Very Limited Functions )

How to use:
Drop your ISO\CSO files into CisoMC or Press SHIFT+A to add the files using add files Dialog.
To remove the files select it first then press on DEL ( Keyboard ) button or by using context menu ( Mouse Right Click )
Select your Compress level 1-9 ( Compressed files *.cso will be automatically decompressed if exists )
Select your output path to save the files ( If output path not available, the files will be saved on the same path as the source files )
Select Multi-Process\High Priority Process.
Check on Delete source files to delete it after Compressing\Decompressing.
Check on Move all files to PSP to move it to your PSP Device.
Select your PSP Device location.
Select which write buffer size you want Or leave it Default.
Press on the Start button.

Shortcut keys:
CTRL+A  : Select all files in the list.
SHIFT+A : Add files using file Dialog.
DEL     : Remove files from the list.

This program requires Microsoft .NET 2.0
This program intend to be use only with your own legal copy of the game.
Use this program at your own risk!


+Initial Release!

Special thanks and respect to:
Virtuous Flame for CISO Python.
Booster for CSO Compressor.

If you like it, a Donation using PayPal will be appreciated


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