PSP ISO Renamer


PSP ISO Renamer (c) 2014-2018 LMAN

a Tiny tool to rename ( ISO\CSO ) files.

*Updated database file.
*Fixed illegal characters error.
*Updated Interface.
*Updated Database file.
*Added Configuration file.
*Added Advance Configuration Window.
*Added GameRegion, GameID layout Selector.
*Added Profile Preview Field.
*Added Profile Input for each customized output names -> Output name is now fully customizable.
*Added New Output Formats -> %CRC32%, %DIRNAME%, %FILENAME%, %DATE%, %SOURCE%, %DUMPSTATE%, %GENRE%, %GAMETAG%.
*Added New Option to Move files under current file\root directory.
*Added New Option to Add files from folders and sub-folders.
*Added New Option to Set case of the output texts -> Default, Upper, Lower cases.
*Added New Option to Replace special characters with any input instead of just deleting it -> default is %NONE%.
*Added New Option to Set the window on top of screen.
*Added New Option to Show\Hide infos in the list.
*Added New Option to Rename files to CRC32.ISO or CRC32.CSO so it can be transferred to PSVita.
*Added New Option to Allow adding 'Copy 2/3/4/5/etc' automatically to the filename, if the file is already exists.
*Support Insensitive case for both output formats and special characters.
*Support to Add files through windows Open with, or by dropping files into the executable file.
*Support to Add files from folders\sub-folders using Drag'n'Drop.
*Support to Sort infos in the list.
*Improved Performance when adding files.
*Updated Database.
*Updated Output formats.
*Updated Region layout.
*Updated Replace SP Characters.
*Added Genre layout Selector.
*Added Languages layout Selector.
*Added View logs under Tools.
*Added Verify ISOs Option under Tools to Verify ISOs using CRC32.
*Added New Parameters -> %PUBLISHER%, %LANG%, %FORMAT%, %VCRC32%, %SP%, %SPACE%.
*Added Keyboard Shortcut "Esc" to cancel the operations.
*Added Quick output name edit and preview.
*Avoid Adding the same files to the list.
*Fixed Adding 'Copy 2/3/4/5/etc' to the filename if it exists when enabled.
*Fixed Regions layout for Korean region.
*Improved Reading IDs from ISOs.
*Improved Overall Performance.
*Updated Database.
*Added New Parameters -> %PL%, %FW%.
*Support to re-order columns.
*Updated Database.
*Added New Option to Export List to CSV\TXT file.
*Support to Add ISO\CSO files even when it's not found in the db file.
*Improved Reading ISO\CSO files.
*Removed PSVita (eCFW) option.
*Some Other Minor Improvements.

Available Parameters: ( Insensitive case )
%NAME%            -> Name
%REGION%        -> US\EU\JP\AS
%ID%            -> XXXX-#####
%CRC32%            -> CRC32 Checksum from the Database file
%DIRNAME%        -> Release Folder Name
%FILENAME%        -> Release File Name
%DATE%            -> Release Date ????-??-??
%GROUP%            -> Release Group Name
%SOURCE%        -> UMD\PSN
%DUMP%            -> Good\Bad\Unknown
%GENRE%            -> Action\Adventure\RPG\General\etc.
%TAG%            -> Minis\PCEngine\NeoGeo\PlayView
%PUBLISHER%        -> Publisher Company
%LANG%            -> Languages
%FORMAT%        -> ISO\CSO
%VCRC32%        -> CRC32 Checksum from the ISO file
%CFD%            -> Current file directory
%CFRD%            -> Current file root directory
%SP%            -> All Available Special characters
%SPACE%            -> White Space
%NONE%            -> Empty\Remove


Some games has the same ID but with different region\version,
So if you encounter one of these, you may need to manually just rename it's region\version, Or use "Allow Copy#" option under Tools,
Or use "Verify ISOs" option (which is available for ISOs only) to compare both CRC32s for the untouched ISOs and the one that in the database file.
Keep in mind that if you have a modified\edited ISO, it's CRC32 will be calculated but it will be useless to compare it with the database file!

To Replace a single character with a new one use this format "old>new" without the quotation mark.
To Replace each character with a new one use this format "old>new|old>new|old>new" etc. without the quotation mark.
This is an Example to replace ":" with ";" and also replace "?" with %NONE%: ":>;|?>%NONE%" without the quotation mark.
To Remove all special characters, just use %NONE%, or use %SP%>%NONE% if you are using multiple characters\texts to replace.
Also you can replace texts beside the special characters ( each character\text separated with vertical bar | ) like this:

To Move files into corresponding folders based on the formats parameters, use %CFD% or %CFRD% then append it with any formats you want:
"%CFD%\%REGION%" will move files to current folder under sub-folder named %REGION%
"%CFRD%\%REGION%" will move files to the root of hdd under sub-folder named %REGION%
You can also use multiple formats like: "%CFD%\%TAG%\%REGION%\%LANG%"

Microsoft DotNet v4.0

If you find my works are useful and would like
to collaborate on the development of my projects,
consider donating the amount you find right.
visit my homepage, or contact me to donate.

Special Thanks to:
Soywiz for using part of his cspspemu open source codes.
Renascene for using their database.
Kenneth Bell for using part of his discutils open source codes.

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