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Books and Articles from The Last Jeffersonian

To get an idea of TLJ's publications, please visit books and articles. Here's a sample:

 Ugly War

Common Sense from Thucydides

Why a War in Iraq Is a Bad Idea

Ronald Reagan's Biggest Mistake

Ronald Reagan's Secrets of Success: Speech at the Reagan Library, April 2002

Where's a Candidate People Want?

The TLJ Story

The idea for The Last Jeffersonian started a long time ago, back in the early 1990s. I was a young professor, and had been working hard on a book called The Logic of Conflict. It was one of those academic pieces you write as you try to get tenure. I wanted my next book to be something I was truly interested in, and that people would read.

So I decided on a book about Ronald Reagan's political ideas. He was still pretty unpopular back then, at least in academic institutions. I didn't want to tell my colleagues what I was doing! Anyway, I went to work, and published the book - The Last Jeffersonian: Ronald Reagan's Dreams of America - in 2002.

Now I needed a way to let people know about the book. I was a writer now, and therefore interested in online publishing. Thus was born The Last Jeffersonian: A Journal of Democracy and Public Affairs. Yes, I knew it could be confusing to name the journal after the book, but I did it anyway. Publication of the journal began in the fall of 2002.

Since then, the journal has published many articles about Ronald Reagan and other issues that matter to all of us. TLJ has established itself as a journal  independent of the book it's named after, and that's a great outcome.