"The hamlet stood on a gentle rise in the flat, wheat-growing, north-east corner of Oxfordshire. We will call it Lark Rise because of the great number of skylarks which made their springboard and nested on the bare earth between the rows of green corn"
- Lark Rise To Candleford. Flora Thompson
A musical adaptation by Ashley Hutchings'  Lark Rise Band
featuring Ashley Hutchings (Fairport Convention, The Albion Band(s) Rainbow Chasers), Simon Care (Tickled Pink, Albion Dance Band), Judy Dunlop, Ruth Angell (Rainbow Chasers), Mark Hutchinson (Tickled Pink, ex-Rainbow Chasers) and Guy Fletcher (Little Johnny England, Tickled Pink, etc...) . This concert performance by the Lark Rise Band will present music, words, dance and song from the book and the plays, celebrating a lost way of life so memorably captured by Flora Thompson. The titles of the individual volumes are Lark Rise (1939), Over to Candleford (1941), and Candleford Green (1943; all published by Oxford University Press and in paperback as a Penguin Modern Classic).  Keith Dewhurst transformed the three books into two plays, both put on at the National Theatre, London and directed by Bill Bryden and Sebastian Graham-Jones: Lark Rise in March 1978, and Candleford in November 1979.

Ashley will be taking the music of “Lark Rise” on to the road, when BBCtv screens a 10-part series based on the Lark Rise to Candleford book(s). Obviously, this will raise the country's awareness of Lark Rise and a new album of music, together with more performances including Folk festivals, will certainly follow.


The Lark Rise Band has recorded and released a new album featuring lots of music from the original stageplay that didn't make it onto the  original Lark Rise to Candleford album plus music from the television series. The CD is called Lark Rise Revisited. Link throught to the appropriate page for viewing and purchasing this CD.


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