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Aeroimm (Cloud Elves)

The Cloud Elves consider themselves apart from the other elven races who occupy the surface or seas of The Lands of Dual.  They are taller, thinner and paler than their cousins and all cloud elves have white hair sometimes with streaks of blue or pink highlights.

They are a nomadic people who live in floating cities which are hidden from plain sight with powerful illusions making the undersides of their cities indistinguishable from normal clouds.


Little is known about the extents or size of their territories other than that they are nomadic

Their cities are powered by captive elementals supplied by the Djinn Caliph in reward for a past deed. The cities are like floating islands, with elementals located in a ring  around its central core.  The cities float high above the turbulence and do not suffer the ill effects of weater.  Consequently their buildings are structurally very weak and diaphanous in nature.

Cloud Elves ride floating disks enveloped in cloud.