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Carol Cunningham Race/Gender: Half Elf (Aerohimm/Human) / Female
Class: Ranger (Desert Rider)
Level: 4
First Seen:
Season 3
Last Seen:
Season 7

P  STR 17 +2
 DEX 18 +3

 CON 16 +2


 WIS 16 +2

 CHA 14  +1


My life hasn’t exactly been one that a female would ever expect to live. When I was a little girl, I dreamt of living in one place, having many friends, being taught things like a scholar.  However, this never happened. I had dreams of becoming something more than what I saw in front of me – my family being so small and not really educated about the lands that surrounded their gold and dusty world. I guess I inherited the curiosity of my mother but the love she has for my father helped her accept that her new life was her new world and she let her old one far behind.

My mother’s name is "Su" which means Water, she told me her mother gave her that name because she gave birth to her unexpectedly while she was having a soak in the stream. My mother told me that when she was a little girl, her own mother could not keep her from swimming in some form of water and that her name was truly hers. My mother has given me her golden eyes, stature and ears. My mother was also a curious person when she was around my age. She started to travel to different lands in search of other sorts of people, to see what was out there and the idea of an adventure suited her. She said she travelled for a year or so, discovering new people, languages, foods, cultures and enjoyed it. She came across the desert and thought it was beautiful and silent; away from the bustling markets and such but found it to test her will for survival. She tried crossing a part of the desert and ended up collapsing and blacking out. When she came to, she was in a small nomadic group, up high on a plateau. The first person she saw was my father and she felt at home immediately. She wrote to her family and told them that she found her soul mate and that perhaps one day she would return to show them her new husband and family. She said that her grandparents adored him as well as the rest of the tribe and understood that Su’s place was with them now. They said their farewells and that was the end. A few years later they died of old age and I never got to meet them. However, from the stories she told me at night, I know that they were good people and would have gotten along with the rest of the tribe, if they themselves thirsted for adventure and new lands.

My father was obviously born into the Ruzgar tribe. It is the life that he knows and feels is the best for him. Because they travel, he has no need to leave because they go with him. His name is Anil – meaning the wind or air.

The only sibling that I have is my oldest brother, Yari; his name means flame. He was married a year ago to a woman named Namid which means Dancer of the Stars. They met in one of the small cities we visited and he was happy the moment he met her and my family saw it, accepted her, and they became bound under Allah.

The Ruzgar tribe isn’t really known even to our own race of people because we’ve kept our secrets. It was once said that there were people blessed by the god of the wind to be able to walk on clouds and travel that way rather than walking below on the ground. My grandparents told me when I was little that it was a gift to the early Ruzgar because they were enlightened about life and the world that they travelled. They accepted everything as it was and that made them light as air, being able to walk on it, to spread out their arms and fly like birds in the sky without the need of feathers. So the rest of us travel to seek for the best treasure of the world – enlightenment for living.

To survive we live off the land that we travel through. We have a little money because we know how to use the sun to make glass. We colour it and sell them to be trinkets in the window to catch light and we make things from bones of the animals that we hunt. We’ve also made some weaved baskets and such from the reeds near the streams. If we make a lot of money, we have a small feast, make rations, and give the rest to the local church of where ever we are to help the locals to help themselves to a better life.

Under a starry night sky, I said to my mother that I felt it was my time to leave the tribe – at least for awhile to see more of the world and perhaps my own enlightenment. She smiled at me and said she knew that this day would come and that she as well as the rest of the tribe will say their goodbyes to me when I decide to leave. The next morning I packed my things and said my goodbyes; heading into the unknown northern lands.

I then met some people who believed them to be great warriors simply because of some metal necklaces. How easily pleased these people are! There is one especially whom is a rather large furry creature that parades around as a man. He refuses to bathe or have any manners, but I’m sure that the rest of the along with myself will help him understand that being cultured in different ways is a more polite way of getting around in an unknown place.

I thought that if I stayed with this group that they will in turn allow me to travel with them and they have allowed me into their group, praised be Allah. However we heard a rumour of an army preparing in the southlands to come north and attach King Dominic’s realm. He has requested for us to go into the southlands and gather information about this rumour to see if there’s any truth to it.

I suppose me going as north as I have is my fate and to return south again is a part of Allah’s plan for my destiny. I hope that I get to see places that I have not been to or haven’t been to in awhile to see some changes and put to rest this rumour that southerners are preparing to wage a war against the north for an unknown reason or no reason at all.