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Sankahar is a ruled by the benevolent Caliph Hassam the Contented.  It's two great mountain ranges separate it from it's neighbours Wulfschlossen to the North and West, and Ysfahan to the South.  Beyond it's western coastline a handful of small islands and the Great Western Ocean.  At its heart lies the Great Desert, a huge and inhospitable region crossed only by the brave, the foolish or the hardy nomadic tribes which eke out an existence in it's desolate sands.

Notable Locations

Cimaron - The most northerly town in Sankahar situated on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Cimaron and twinned on the opposite shore by it's sister town in Wulfschlossen, Schplein.

Muluk - A small city dominated by the prominent mosque of thousand fountains. As is typical of many small cities in Sankahar it is ruled by an Emir directly appointed by the Caliph. The mosque of a thousand fountains performs a useful role for the emir, as it ensures that the populous adhere to a strict moral and religious code keeping the levels of crime low, productivity high and the taxes flowing.

Sankahar City - The capital of Sankahar, a fortress set on the edge of the great desert, is a hub of trade between the nomadic tribes of Humans, Elves (Sanduar), Dwarves (Dwervish) and Lizardkin (Salamankari). The Caliph of Sankahar has, over the years, managed to keep his taxes just below the level at which the inhabitants would rise up and ovethrow him and turns a blind eye to the extensive black market economy that goes on just outside his city walls. He rarely presses his authority outside the walls of his own city preferring to leave his appointed Emirs to run their own provinces, although he has an extensive spy network to keep him informed of all that goes on inside the country. 

The Shrine of Suhail min Zann - This is one of the many temples and shrines throughout Sankahar dedicated to Imam Suhail min Zann a once great priest of Zann who defeated the evil Geomancers many centuries ago. The shrine has recently undergone a full restoration funded by a group of philanthropic adventurers (see Yussuf's Journal Part 2).

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