This website is a work in progress.
And the end of the Internet grows a little more distant...Yet another website that never needed to be made. But hey, everbody wants a web presence.
I made this website simply to display photographs. I constantly take pictures and spend hours editing them. Then I close the file and unless I'm using that image as a desktop background no one ever sees it! Well now they'll add some precipitation to the Internet cloud.
I also added a section to post reviews of some products I have owned related to photography, firearms and anything else I think someone may want to research. I had some trouble finding information on many of these products when I wanted to buy them. Hopefully someone else will benefit from these review.
Follow the links to the left and you may find something interesting.

Tiffany and I at the park in Brownsville, OR


Party of One

A pretty easy little trick in Photoshop



Cookie and Gizmo. They get along to lie comfortably on the couch. February 2009


My "Tactical" Rimfire Collection