I'm happy you're here.

If you've come here from facebook, thank you so much. The support I've received from one little before and after picture has been more than astounding. I never expected for anything I've done in life to get this much attention. I've received thousands of friend requests and messages begging me for my secret. I never knew how sweet the world was outside of my mid-west world.
But I know why you're here. and if I hadn't saved my own life a year ago I would be where you are right now reading and waiting for an answer. Please know that I understand your hurt. I know what it feels like to cry in the morning when deciding on what to wear. I know the pain that comes with being with friends who are much thinner than you and subsequentially more fun than you. I know what it feels like to try on the jeans that look like a semi truck could drive through them only for them to be TOO SMALL TO GET ON. I know. I know, and I have lived it, and I have hurt through it just like you are . But we're getting out and I want to help you. Stick with me, ok?
I'll be updating regularly on how I did this, how I maintain it, how I handle nutrition, how relationships are affected and more details about the journey of losing 140lbs in one year.
My goal is for you to find your place in life that's healthy.