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Basic Principles of Sampling

Advanced Sampling in Reason

Applied Principles of Reason

Advanced Principles of Reason

Foundations of Ableton Live

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Basic Principles of Music Production


Introduction to Interface 

Proper use of the equipment, along with user abilities, such as starting a new file will be demonstrated. Student(s) will be taught functions and capabilities (w/explanations) regarding garage band. For example: Layers, Volume Controls, and Grid's 1 & 2.. both how to use them, and when to use them. This class allows student(s) the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the program they will be using for the next six weeks. 


Basics of Midi Recording 

This will be a hands-on-class, giving student(s) the chance to see the process in which one will use to record music. Student(s) will be introduced to the fifty or more drums kits garage band has to offer, and will explore the different options to record. 


Basics of Editing 

This will be a hands-on-class, giving student(s) the chance to learn the other aspect of recording- editing. Student(s) will be shown note placement, and the various options and/or techniques one may use when editing.

Handout: A sheet with editing commands will be given out as a guide. 



Student(s) will use a track they have created and begin adding elements to it. Elements that bring a consistently flowing track to life. For example, making transition throughout your track, such as bridges, and distinguishing the hook, from the verse, etc.  


Finalizing Touches and Introduction to Sampling 

By now student(s) should have a music track, consisting of the drums, and no instruments. Finalizing touches will be made, such as level controls, making each element just right. When student(s) and instructor are satisfied with the developed track, student(s) will receive a preview of what to expect in Beat Making 102 (Sampling). Student's will choose an acapella to be recorded and played over his/her track.


This week will be used to recap on everything learned up to this point and will touch base on expectations for BM 102. Student(s) will watch the movie Beat Kings. This movie puts the concept of music production in perspective. Student(s) get the chance to listen to some of hip hops top producers. The movie will explain Influences, the equipment used, projects worked on and the process they had to go through to get where they are today.

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