The Nine Journeys of Kynthia

"The Nine Journeys of Kynthia" (or "The Kynthiad," for short) is a solo RPG campaign set in the Bronze Age Mediterranean world. This story is contemporary with the Trojan War, the reign of Ramesses II, and the Hebrew Exodus, and draws from both the mythology and the real history of these regions.

Kynthia is an Acolyte of Artemis whose life was forever changed by the invading Greeks. She has been given unique gifts that she does not yet understand, and must learn for what purpose the gods have chosen her.

System: BESM, Third Edition
Status: Irregular solo campaign (GM: Tim Emrick, Player: Erika Emrick)
Genre: Semi-historical Heroic Fantasy
Period: Ancient Near East, circa 1200 BCE
Category: Action-Drama
Theme: Discovering one's destiny and true power

This website serves as a repository for material created for this campaign, such as character and creature stat blocks, and GM notes on the locations and cultures of this setting.

House Rules/Optional Rules
  • Character Power Level: Kynthia was originally created with 300 Points (Mythical), but has reached the Superhuman level (500-699) during play.
  • Skill Costs: Use the default Multi-Genre Skill Point Costs.
  • Recovery: Use the less "realistic" rates for healing Health Points and Stun damage.
  • Expanded Game Mechanics: Use all but Variable Damage Options.
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