How can you help?

August 2008
Thanks for your donations that enabled us to send 45 wonderful picture books to the school!
The AV Bukani School continues to have many needs to serve its 950 students.  As part of our volunteer program, we made a donation to the school that will be used for basic supplies, such as pencils, erasers, paper and upkeep on their computers. 
Currently the students do not have access to books beyond workbooks and a few books generally beyond their comprehension.  We hope to purchase appropriate books for each classrom that can be used for developing readers and make sure the faculty has appropriate training.   Spurred by the support provided by volunteers, a local corporation recently donated 30 new computers!  The school still needs a server and funds for computer training and maintenance.
Donations to this amazing school are tax-deductible in the U.S. through South African Partners .  If you can help, please:
Write a check to:
"South Africa Partners, with "Kugler Family Fund" in the memo (that's important, since they have numerous funds and projects"

Send donation to:

South Africa Partners
89 South Street, Suite 701
Boston, MA 02111

S.A. Partners will keep us informed of the donations.

Questions?  Comments?  Offers of help?  Please contact us:
Thank you to those who have already made donations.  Each dollar means so much to these students and their dedicated teachers.