The Kranky Crow Is Currently Under Construction...

Change is good.

And here's why.

I'd been "The Curious Crow" since I began soft sculpting in 1999. The original site for my work (of the same name) grew, and when Facebook came along, I jumped on it too. When  blogging was the thing to do though, I found that someone had taken my name. And she was also a doll artist. Not a happy crow did that make. 

Shortly later, I found out that she created a page on Facebook and kept the name The Curious Crow. My name. Even less happy.     

quick site search showed that she'd invented a website with one little word attached to The Curious Crow to make it a different domain. I stewed for a good long time, but that didn't mean there was anything I could do, because in the meantime, she opened an etsy store too.

got Cranky. Then I realized "cranky" fit me. Kranky fit me even more! Not only that, my first and middle initials are KC (and I went by that for many years).

She can have The ill-begotten Curious Crow. I'll keep originality any day of the week. So, without further ado,

welcome to THE KRANKY CROW!

See, change is better than anger. Creativity can't exist in anger.

New name, new website, new look, same art.

This is REALLY the building!!!
This is REALLY the building!!!

There's this old stone building my dad used to want to buy--a rundown pump house with a tin roof and boarded up windows, standing in its rust and rock glory on a busy street corner of the town I grew up in. I never understood the lust for that building until I started dreaming about a shop-stead for 
THE KRANKY CROW: Curios and Curiosities. This kind of store couldn't be in any old stucco strip mall.
It had to be a place with unique character and oldness about it. And there'd be a rusted tin crow peering down from the roof at all who entered. Upon entry, a crow call--rather than a bell--would announce a visitor. And I'd have things you wouldn't find in Hallmark stores: things made with heart and love, not only by me, but other artists and artisans. Things not run-of-the-mill, maybe not even particularly beautiful, but one-of-a-kind or as close as possible. The Kranky Crow would be a home for the creations of people loving what they do.

Well, I'll never have THE KRANKY CROW in the form of that old stone building (and truly I wouldn't want that huge of a responsibility), but now, since I have so little to do (I say facetiously), I'm in the process of making Kranky Crow Creations other than the faeries, Mermaids and Skrumglies 


I've been asked why I like crows, have a tattoo of crow tracks and wear a crow pendent (well the pendent is a result of the name, but let me explain the rest)... Crows are naturally curious and exceedingly intelligent. If you watch a crow, it looks first with one eye, then carefully again with the other eye. It's easy to dismiss a crow as a mere black bird, but if you take another look, when sunlight reflects from feathers, thousands of tiny dark rainbows are revealed. Crows are dual-natured creatures: one side mysterious, serious, and clever; the other side curious and comical. I try to imbue each Kranky Crow Creation with this multi-faceted magick.




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