In the late 1970s, Lorene K. Petersen and Jennie Belle Lyle conceived the need for a book about the descendents of James Knox, Sr. (1713-1786) and Elizabeth Craig Knox (1719-1822) of the Chester District of South Carolina. They contacted the cousins and collected family history on each of the 12 offspring of James and Elizabeth, correct to the 1980 generation. Their hard work came to fruition in May, 1981 with the compilation titled
James Knox, Sr. and Elizabeth Craig Knox
and their Descendants
In 1984, with further input from family members, Ms. Petersen published the 1984 Revised Edition.  
The copies of what the family calls "The Knox Book" have become rare, and the 1984 revision even more difficult to find. With the interest of genealogy on the rise, in 2005 Carol Ann Knox Ball sought and received permission from Ms. Petersen to digitize and publish The Knox Book online.
The Book, 1984 Revised Edition, was scanned and OCR'd to give us a searchable and editable word processing document. Then after formatting the document, we saved them as PDFs.
The links on the left are for the .PDF chapters of The Book, which can be downloaded in toto; the photographs have been separated from the chapters to reduce file size.
The Brigham Young University added The Book to their BYU Family Archive--Knox  (The Knox Book on the BYU site is posted as single pages, not chapters.)
Finally, we have re-named the site James Knox/Craig to differentiate it from the Steele Creek Knox line of Mecklenburg (, the John Knox/Witherspoon/Gracy line of Rowan County, or John Knox/Gaston lines of the Chester District of South Carolina.
Editors Note: The Book was posted without change to names, dates, or other genealogy content. The editing done was to utilize consistent dating schema, place names, genealogy generation numbering, and footnote clarification (some numbering was askew in the Revised Edition. Editorial changes are noted in the pages.
Please remember that discrepancies in the foreword of various chapters occurred because these were collected and compiled from many family members through oral history and written family documents.
If you believe you have identified one of these discrepancies, please email me. I will add them to the Family Update/Comments page.
We wish every one of our "cousins" love and life, and the happiness of finding their own family in these pages.
Carol Ann Knox Ball
Updated 3/19/2011