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Figure 8 Stitch or Cross Ribbing Stitch

posted May 16, 2011, 3:24 PM by Loom Knitter   [ updated Jan 23, 2012, 6:41 PM ]
Skill: Easy
Abbreviation: rib

This is equivalent to a crossed ribbing stitch done on traditional needles. The figure 8 makes a good single ribbing stitch for flat panels because it is the same on both sides and doesn't roll at the edges. This ribbed stitch can only be done on the long Knifty Knitter looms, not the round looms, because the wrap is done back and forth across the long loom as shown in the photo at the bottom of this page.
Provo Craft is the manufacturer of the Knifty Knitter looms and they refer to the figure 8 stitch for knitting a scarf on their site. The figure 8 wrap, or stitch, gets it's name by the pattern, or method, used in wrapping the loom before you begin to knit off. Basically, you continue back and forth across a long loom creating a figure 8 with the yarn.

After the second row is wrapped, you knit off. Knitting off is pulling the bottom loop over the top loop of each peg and off the loom.

When knitting off the first row is complete, you will have one loop remaining on each peg of the Knifty Knitter loom. Wrap the loom again in the figure 8 pattern. Knit off again. Continue to repeat these steps until your knit reaches the desired length.

The knit in the photo of the blue scarf was done with one strand of polyester yarn on the pink Knifty Knitter long loom. To create a heavier bulkier knit you can use two strands of yarn as one as you wrap the loom. This is shown in the photo below of the purple and black knitted pieces.

One complication that beginners often run into when creating the figure 8 stitch is how to wrap the yarn on the last peg. Simply loop the yarn around the peg. It doesn't have to crisscross as done with the rest of the pegs. It's best not to try to cross the yarn, if you do make a full wrap around the peg it draws to tight at the edges. The photo below shows the figure 8 wrap and the final loop around the last peg.

Find detailed instructions for how to knit a scarf using the figure 8 here.

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