New World

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Imagine a world where there is nothing but NOISE, where everyone can hear your thoughts. Nothing is secret. Nothing is unknown to the world...except... Why did all the women? Why aren't children allowed to go to school anymore? Why can animals talk? Who are spackle and why are they so dangerous? And most importantly, why does everyone want me dead?

Todd Hewitt is the only boy left in Prentisstown, a small settlement on New World where all boys become men at the age of 13.  There are no women because they were all killed by the 'germ'.  A poison released by the Spackle that caused every man to hear each others' thoughts and granted all animals the ability to talk. The mayor, Mr. Prentiss, has strict laws about what children are allowed to learn and what men are allowed to think. One day Todd Hewitt's, a twelve year old who has lived his whole life in this 'New World',  life is turned upside down when every man he has ever known is trying to kill him. Follow Todd and his extraordinary adventure today in the book, "The Knife of Never Letting Go", by Patrick Ness.