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Volume I, Issue  1

 In This Issue 

Sex Naked Jello Shock Cheryl Scandal Drugs Paedo Cole

Flippin' 'Eck, Grandma, Get Off Me Barra, Cheryl Cole

Mrs. Johnson Retires After 30 Years with Cheryl Cole

Hatem Ben Arfa - "Where Are the Toilets, Please, Cheryl Cole?"

The Klismonaut Is Now Online!

    Mrs. Fforbes-Watson and the dedicated team at the well-loved periodical known to us all as The Klismonaut welcome you to the inaugural ONLINE edition of this eminent e-rag.

    Up-to-the-century News, Views and Screws from some of the least investigative journalists of the age. Sometimes opinionated, usually incontinent and never knowingly undersold.

    We act as a Scourge to Truth, a Nemesis to Depth and we Leap the Tall Building of Propriety in a Single Bound.

    Cry God for Euphemia, Alehouses and St. Ethel the Merman. Amen. If you like that sort of thing.


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