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Christmas Cake Prep {Fruit Soak}

 Christmas Cake Fruit Soak


250g golden raisins

500g black currant

100g dried figs, chopped

500g dates, deseeded and chopped

200g tuttifruti

Sugar Syrup

 I used the leftover syrup from Neha's Candied Orange Peel Recipe {link is at the top of this page}

Spice Mix/ Spices

1 tablespoon garam masala

1 teaspoon cloves, powdered

3 tablespoons of powdered cinammon

5 nutmeg strands

5 saffron strands

1 fat stick of cinammon

1 bayleaf


Rum or brandy, enough to cover the fruit


-A clean container big enough to store all this fruit!

-Clean, sanitized hands

-Sanitized cutting board and knife

-A clean work space

-A long wooden spatula


1. Measure out all the ingredients. De-seed dates and pick the stems off the fruit.

2. If fruit sizes are too big (for instance dates and apricots), use a sharp knife and cut them into tiny bits. I like to leave the currants, raisins and sultanas whole.

2. Use a small mixing bowl, and gently add small quantities of each fruit to it, hand mix it all in. Then add it to the final container.

3. Mix in the spice powder with the orange syrup.

4. When you have a layer of fruit in your soaking container, lightly drizzle it with the spiced sugar syrup.

5.Continue till all the fruit and syrup is finished.

6. Now pour the alcohol in until it soaks the fruit completely. Don't stir today.

7. Close the container and let it rest in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

8. From tomorrow, you will use a clean wooden spatula to give it a good stir once a day for a week.

9. From the second week, you may stir it just once a week, until it is time for you to bake your cake.

So that's the complete list of ingredients for my fruit soak. What? No nuts? Nope! I love nuts in my Christmas Cake, but adding them too early makes them too soft. I prefer to add them in just a couple of days before I bake the cake. So soak about 700 grams of nuts of your choice a couple of days before you bake your cake.

I always taste a bit before each stir - I recommend you do too...it's a lovely experience to taste that fruit as it matures :) and give yourself some free tipsy for the day ;)