Bronze statue of Julia Rosalia
Welcome to the Julia Rosalia collection at Storybook Community Library, the largest and most extensive collection of Julia Rosalia artifacts in the world. Made possible by a generous donation from the Aeschelman-Donati Estate and a grant from the New Lafayette Historical Society.

Bronze statue of Julia Rosalia
Outside the Storybook Community Library
Image by Daniel Olnes @ Flickr

A brief history of Julia Rosalia. The collection celebrates her public and professional life but also reveals unique facets of her early life as a young girl in rural Wisconsin.

Our special collection is comprised of original manuscripts, first editions, and memorabilia. The non-circulating portion of the collection houses many childhood curiosities, from early juvenilia to letters and diaries, as well as artifacts such as a sampling of the stylish dresses she wore in New York, and the modest toys and sewing projects she made as a child. This collection represents a special, intimate look into the life of one of America's most treasured talents.

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