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Relum Izmir

A great Canvas tent. Based on the Dutch Pyramid design it is a comfortable 4 Berth that is approx 3m wide and a little over 4m long. Some adverts mention 2 sleeping pods, others don't. Rachel's handsome cream and purple model here clearly has two pods and they each measure 1.4m wide

Similar to a used model like the Cabanon Pyramide 4, or to new Dutch market models like the Hypercamp Eldorado (4 berth 2011 rrp cEu190) or even the Hypercamp Rosas 4 (4 berth with ZIG 2011 rrp c Eu300) reviewed elsewhere on this site. The Cabanon Guadaloupe (4 berth 2011 rrp c£650) would be another pricey alternative available new and used. If you love the design but need more space then a used Cabanon Pyramide 6 is the closest you can get, the modern equivalent would be the Cabanon Barbados (6 berth rrp c£900)

Like all Pyramid tents very easy to erect solo (once you know what you are doing) and very resistant to bad weather. Also makes very good use of space with a decent sized porch area. Being a Relum you can expect decent materials and build quality, colours can be quite retro (which is either good or bad depending on your point of view I suppose). Doesnt have a sewn in groundsheet (SIG to whole tent) but then that is a recent innovation you will only find in the the likes of the (rather pricey) Cabanon Gaudaloupe or Rosas 4

Very occasionally an Izmir will come with a matching sun canopy (like the later Cabanons sometimes do, and Rachels shown here) and this makes the tent very practical in our English weather with another 1.5m or so of useable, sheltered outdoor living space

They come on the used market sporadically but prices vary widely depending on condition and presentation. Good ones are very much in demand

Need an owner review. Thanks to Rachel for the pictures/specs of her beautiful Izmir with matching extension