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Lichfield Paladin

A classic tent reasonably easy to find on ebay etc but make sure it is a proper Canvas one you are looking at

A ridge tent with extended porch and big windows makes for quite a practical weekender tent. Most have an A frame to make bedroom access really easy though single pole models do turn up for sale (it isnt clear if these are Lichfield made or adapted by the owner)

Generally in lighter colours so bright and airy inside. The 5 Berth has an all up weight a little over 20kg and room for 4 to spread out (a little) - a cracking tent. In the picture (supplied by Richard, thanks Richard) is a very modern looking Paladin 5XL showing off its big windows. The plain old Paladin 5 has a lower height porch area and a slightly more old fashioned look (at least to these eyes)

Smaller ones crop up too but know little about them. Seen 3 berth but not any 4 (yet)

please share any pics, floor plans or views you have on any of the Paladin/Challenger Canvas tents