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Alans Review of Rosas 4

We bought the Rosas direct from Obelink via the web (Obelink UK website). Price was exceptionally good compared to the likes of Cabanon. Ordering and delivery were very easy and efficient (2 days to deliver).

The zip in groundsheet (ZIG) is a thick ripstop PVC material that is supple (not 'crackly') and the zips are comfortingly heavy duty. It can be dropped flat in the doorway. The groundsheet on the inner tent is much thinner but has a nicer 'feel' and saves weight and packsize. The canvas of the tent is good quality and the workmanship is generally very good. In a couple of places seams had got a bit of 'ragged edge' poking from under the stitching but a quick snip with nail scissors cleaned them up.

Pitching is quite straightforward; four corners of the ZIG, centre pole, temporary guys to the porch to hold the tent up, porch poles in and permanently site the porch guys. Finalise erection by pegging the rest of the zig and then doing all those lovely storm guys. The only slightly awkward bit is the front poles which are threaded into pockets (inside the tent) across the top of the door. Plastic cups are supplied for the feet of the porch polls and plastic rain caps to go on the spikes after fitting them through the canvas. After the first successful erection it's worth putting a mark on the groundsheet to mark the position of the centre pole. It makes subsequent erection easier. Once the storm guys are set it is impossible to move the centre pole.

The two front windows are mesh at the top and clear PVC at the bottom. The window covers zip down the side of the window but not along the bottom. There are two zippable vents low in the sides of the living area which are also meshed. The top of the inverted 'J' zipped door can be unzipped 'stable door' fashion, Unfortunately there is no mesh for the door.

The polyester/cotton inner (attached to the outer using 'S' hooks into rings) has a central divider that can be rolled and tied to the 'roof'. With the divider out of the way there is room for a double airbed (in either direction) with plenty of space for bags. There are a couple of mesh panels high up for ventilation.

The living space is ideal for two adults. There is ample room for a couple of chairs and, with a smallish table, there is room to 'dine' indoors if necessary. The tiny porch extension is sufficient to keep rain out as long as the wind isn't blowing straight into the doorway.

The tent has proved totally watertight and very stable in strong winds. Being canvas, there is no condensation inside the tent even in very humid conditions. In bad weather the tent feels quieter and warmer than a 'nylon' one. In good weather the tent is much cooler then the 'nylon' equivalent.

I would highly recommend the Obelink 3.75metre square polycotton tarp as a perfect complement to the Rosas 4. It's almost the same colour (beige) and can be used in a number of different ways to treble the living space.

Overall I would give it:

4 out of 5 for Construction

5 out of 5 for Value

5 out of 5 In Use (it has withstood some particularly heavy winds and rain)