Adrians review of Eldorado

We have had ours over a year now and used it in all sorts of conditions from baking hot, to dreadful storms. It has performed admirably throughout. We got it from Obelink in Spring 2010 and it only cost Eu200 delivered, we also bought the grey Obelink Tarp to go with it and this is very useful for extending the living space (in good weather and bad)

Materials and Construction - 4 out of 5
The outer is made from a fairly heavy 285gm/m2 Canvas, the model shown is mostly in grey with some dark blue panels. This colour scheme was discontinued in 2011 in favour of a beige and green. The inner has a very heavy duty SIG groundsheet (540gm/m2 PVC) on the bedroom pod but the living space has to make do with a cheap woven polythene sheet, functional but not very lovely

You can't buy a custom made footprint or carpet for it, if you want one then the fo otprint can be cu t from a 12 x 10 groundsheet (which is not an easy size to find). The carpet from an EasyCamp Boston 500 is supposed to be a good fit though any 1.5m x 3m carpet would be fine

Construction is good with decent stitching throughout. Ours needed some minor fixes after first season but nothing scary. It is nice that the tent comes with a decent quality Canvas bag to keep it in too (all the Cabanons we have had don't). The pole bag is pretty minimal, there is a BIG main pole and a H frame for the door (it doesn't come with the extra uprights at the door shown in the photo below). If you are used to a Frametent it is possible you will forget the pole bag as it is almost inconsequential

The bedroom pod is 2.8m x 2.0m with square corners at the back (some Dutch Pyramids have the back corners rounded off loosing space) so you get a very useable rectangle of sleeping space. The Main pole is at the front of the sleeping pod so all the sleeping space has sloping sides, in use this is fine and you can still stand up to get dressed near the front. The living space is 3.0m x 1.5m though due to the sloping sides useable space always seems to be less - it is big enough for a couple to sit in proper chairs and eat, not big enough for a family of 4 to do the same

Value for money - 5 out of 5

You can buy a Hypercamp Eldorado delivered to your door in the UK for about Eu200. That makes it comparable to the cheaper 4 to 5 man plastic fabric hooped tents on the market, so you have an interesting and viable Canvas alternative to mainstream products. Any way you look at it that is amazing value

The construction and materials are close to Cabanon (used as a brand people are probably familiar with) so you should see a good few years use from it. And unlike many plastic tents if something breaks (highly unlikely) it should be cheap to fix, Obelink customer service is excellent.

In use - 4.5 out of 5
It is very easy to pitch once you are used to it, peg the Flysheet corners and a few of the guy lines if it is windy. Main pole in and peg the back. Door frame in and peg the remainder. inner pod into place and it hooks to the main pole.

Solo in nice weather (with nice soil) it takes about 15 minutes tops. There are lots of guy lines, so expect some fun and extended erection times in rocky soil

Design and construction is very resistant to bad weather though you do need to remember to pitch "bum to the wind", we were okay in ours during a dreadful storm in July 2010 that flattened a lot of tents. It can take a bit of adjusting all those guy lines to get a neat set on the Canvas but that is kind of fun anyhow, one tip is to have the guys as long as you can - it seems to help the Canvas to look neater and makes the tent more secure. This style of tent can be a bit unforgiving of uneven ground so if it doesnt look quite right dont blame the pitching too much

The square floor shape is better than a Bell Tent is many ways while the little side walls and porch area make it more practical than most Ridge tents. It makes an ideal weekender tent due to the rapid and hassle free erection. Space wise there is plenty for a couple and we find it is workable for a couple with young kids, if you are minimal campers (like us) or pretty organised (not like us). It probably wouldn't do okay for 4 adults or a weeks camping unless it is a base rather than a home. For longer trips or a bit more space the obvious choice remain a Cabanon Pyramid 6