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Hypercamp Eldorado

It isnt entirely clear if Hypercamp is the brand of a Czech manufacturer or Dutch retailer Obelink who sell mostly on the EU mainland. Either way it probably doesnt really matter, what you have are decently made New Canvas tents, at very affordable prices. Obelink will deliver most of their tents (under 30kg) to the UK so these are readily available if not readily viewable before purchase

The Hypercamp is marketed as a budget brand by Obelik and the Eldorado can be bought (delivered to the UK) for about the same price as a cheap 4 Berth plastic dome tent - which makes you wonder why you dont see more of these about

It is made from decent quality 285gm Cotton Canvas with 540gm PVC groundsheet on the inner tent. There is now sewn (or zipped) in groundsheet and in design it is reminiscent of the Relum Izmir and Cabanon Pyramide 4 of a few years ago

Overall dimensions are about 3.5m x 3m and the sleeping pod (single pod with dividing curtain) is 2.8m x 2.0m, which makes it ok as a weekender tent for 4 and a very spacious tent for a couple

If you like the look of this tent but really want a SIG/ZIG then Hypercamp do the Rosas 4 or for roughly twice the cost Cabanon do the Guadaloupe. Esvo do some nice Pyramids at Cabanon prices too

If you love the design but want more space then choices are more limited. A Cabanon Barbados will give you 4m x 4m of space but cost near £1000 new. De Waard Albatros is rather more than that

We have one user review from Adrian, if you have any pics or views please do share them