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Cabanon Pyramide 4

The earlier models (before c 2002) were known as the Pyramide IV but the model has changed little over its lifetime

Obviously a smaller version of the Pyramide 6, still built to the same standards. Same comments that apply to 6 apply here - easy to put up and weather resistant. Maybe a bit too small as a 4 berth, except for weekend use, but great for a couple

Overall footprint is about 3.0m wide by 3.5m deep. Unlike some Dutch tents the tent has a proper inner tent and the sleeping pod is 2.8m x 2.0m
 and square at the back

Not sure if it is as common as the Pyramide 6 on the used market but it is certainly worth less, even though sellers often dont think so

Still made in modified (with sewn in groundsheet) form as the Gaudeloupe which retails around £600 - and possibly explains why the sellers think it is worth plenty

Similar used models are Relum Izmir. Or possibly a used Cabanon Guadaloupe for a lot more money, if you can find one

Similar new models are the Hypercamp Eldorado (c Eu200) or more expensive Hypercamp Rosas 4 (Eu300) with ZIG. ESVO have a couple of similar models at prices/quality similar to Cabanon Guadeloupe (and free delivery to UK). Dewaard do too, but the prices are starting to get hefty. Vrijbuiter also sell similar models but don't deliver to the UK so you would have to go to Holland to get one.