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Cabanon Bella Vista

The Bella Vista is about as big a Frame Tent as you can buy. And with the excellent Cabanon build quality. Not sure what model years it was available, not listed in the UK 2001 product line up nor in the 2006 to current catalogues

It is a spacious 6 berth that has a 10 leg frame giving about 6.5m x 4.5m of floor space (of which 4.0 x4.5m is living space). Sorry no floor plans or detailed dimensions yet

Typically comes in 4 bags and weights well over 60kg, so you need plenty of room to transport it. To paraphrase Jaws "your gonna need a bigger car . . ."

Accessories include a Sun Canopy, believe the front wall also moves to create inside/outside living space

Quite difficult to put a value on for a used one as they were very pricey new but not in massive demand used (compared to the smaller Frame tents that seem to hold their value very well), potentially a bargain if you need the space and have the capacity to transport and erect it

any user pics, reviews, floor plans etc please let us know so we can share them here