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Vango is a perrenial brand that has been through some changes over the years but still going strong. Now part of the AMG group with Trangia, Blacks of Greenock, Lichfield and a few others

Always an innovator, the latest innovation from Vango is the AirBeam which everyone is talking about but are, alas, only available in Polyester rather than Canvas. If you are looking for inflatable Canvas then Karsten have been making inflatable tents for 30 years and they are superbly put together

The only Canvas in the current range is the iconic Force Ten ridge tent that only comes in orange Canvas and is now no longer made in the UK. The very early models where available in other colours I gather, though it could be a myth casused by most of the orange ones ending up beige eventually

Mk3 is smallest and a 2 berth, Mk4 is the middle sized 3 berth, Mk5 is the largest at a 4 berth.This pic is a mark 4

All are 'A' frame ridge tents, immensely robust and long lived. Plenty about on used markets but some are very tired now. All the spare parts can be readily acquired to fix them - in a way they are a kind of Land Rover Defender of tents, old fashioned but endlessy rugged and fixable
Some people consider them fairly pricey tents but for the longevity and function there really isnt anything quite like a proper Vango Force Ten. On the used market demand is always high and even quite tired ones go for good money. So they really can be considered a good investment. If you are spending serious money on a used Force Ten make sure it is immaculate or you get to go and see it. Amazingly, unused ones crop up on Ebay every now and then (well, its amazing to me, who buys one of these and then never uses it?)

A near equivalent that can be had in colours other than orange are BCT Task Force range from BCT Outdoors. They come in three sizes and can also be supplied with an optional extended porch area which Vango no longer do

Older Canvas
Apart from the Force Ten Vango made a huge range of tents, including a few in Cotton Canvas. A relative rarity on the use market the few we have seen bear a close resemblance to Relum in terms of colours if not design - please, if you have any info let us know and we can put it up here

Vango started in business in the Glasgow district of Govan (which, by anagram becomes Vango) in 1967 (though I am sure it used to say 1963 on their website, so even that might not be right)
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