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Another tent maker who made some top quality Canvas kit (they also made guns), recently the tent arm of Relum became part of BCT Outdoors they started life in Eastern Europe. The quality is supposed to rival Cabanon (one Benchmark for quality) but the prices were always better and they had a style all their own that the French manufacturers could never match

Be interested to hear from anyone who knows about the history of Relum, where they started and how they evolved, we think it was started in East Germany by a Mr Muler (which is Relum backwards)

New Products

As of 2011 Relum seem to have become part of BCT, or at least have a pretty close working relationship with them. BCT list identical models in their catalogue

A couple of retailers still sell Relum models including:
Relum Alaska - an extended porch Ridge Tent in two sizes - a 4.1m x 2.3m 3 berth and a 4.3 x 2.8m 4 berth
Relum Lakeland - a hoop tent with extended porch in two sizes 3.7m x 2.25m 3 berth and a 3.7m x 2.5m 4 berth
Relum Cherwell - another hoop tent in two sizes 3.0m x 1.95m 3 berth and a 3.15m x 2.50m 4 berth
Relum Task Force - very tradition ridge tent, avaiable with a zip on extension in three sizes

BCT list the same models and a few more besides, no idea if these are in fact identical or if the quality is still there, owner feedback most welcome

Older products

The materials and build quality approach that of benchmark manufacturer Cabanon. The styles are all Relum. One major diffeence between Relum and Cabanon is the Relum use epoxy painted steel frames whereas Cabanon use the potentially more resiliant zinc plate

Pyramid Tents
One of THE Classic Relum productwould be the Relum Izmir a fabulous Dutch Pyramid style tent that occasionally crops up on ebay. The Izmir came in at least 2 forms, a basic model which was c3m wide and 4m long with single sleeping pod approx 2.8m wide. The Lux/Luxe was a similar size but had two seperate sleeping pods of 1.4m each. A couple of Izmir have been adtertised for sale with larger dimensions but it has not been possible to confirm there is a larger model. Some modela come with a matching canopy that extends the living space considerably. A very retro cream purple colour scheme is possibly the most handsome Izmir available

Ridge Tents
Relum are famous for their good range of Scouting Ridge tents like the Giant Pearl. They also do the basic ridge design,, including some extended porch models along the lines of Cabanon Isabelle - though model names and sizes/specs have yet to be confirmed

Vis-a-vis Frame Tents
Relum did a Paradiso and (latterly the Brindisi models) which were Vis-a-vis style frame tents, occasionally turn up on Ebay and a great choice if you like that style. They have a nice retro pagoda look about them and then combined with the somewhat rare annexe/extention produce a very interesting looking and practical tent

Small Frame Tents
Their Frame Tents like the Canaria 3, Canaria 4, 5 and 6 are good solid pieces of kit, sometimes available in magnificent colours modern manufacturers simply dont use

Larger Frame Tents

THE most famous of the Relum Frame Tents is the Super 7 really spacious and solid pieces of kit every bit as good as a Cabanon equivalent but generally more affordable

See the Classic Tents review section for some more info on specific models

Please send some pics or reviews of your favourite Relum kit