Not that uncommon a brand in used tents but often less sought after compared to a Cabanon or Relum

Older Canvas
Marechal made tents in all the main styles, we would really welcome more information about model, specficicatios/sizes etc

Modern Canvas

They still make a range of traditional Canvas tents in Spain

The Club is a very simple 4 berth Frame tent in the style of a Cabanon Elzas but without the Kitchen Extension. Overall approx 3.6m x 2.5m with 2.4m x 2m sleeping pod. All up weight is about 25kg

The Atlas comes in a 4 berth (called Sahara on the continent) and 6 berth configuration

They also do a range of Patrol style ridge tents with the cute little 4 berth Eclaireur available for very sensible money, just a shame it isnt an A frame ridge any more (and is no longer listd on their 2011 website so maybe being phased out

Marechal video, in French sorry