There has been quite a lot of interest in inflatable tents in 2011, but Karsten have been making fantastic quality inflatable Canvas tents kit for 30 years. Admittedly they dont have straight poles (indeed most of them dont have any poles at all) but they are classy and timeless designs, beautifully hand made in Holland

If you want to see how it all goes together then this gives you some idea (the Hammond organ sets a great mood):

Karsten setup

This video is well worth a look to get a sense of what sort of set ups you Karsten can create for you (the music is great but the steadicam needs a bit of work) :

Karsten YouTube Video

Obviously Karstent are Dutch made (the Dutch really know how to do top notch Canvas) and beautifully hand crafted at that, you can find out a little more on their (not so great) website The UK importers are a friendly bunch (with a better website) at and there is a pretty active owners club where preloved Karstens occasionally crop up

If you have never seen a real life Karsten it is worth checking the UK importers website as they have "tour dates" when you can see the kit and have a demo

As well as some funky designs and colour schemes (which you choose when you order) they do a specialist Carp Tent just for the enthusiastic fisherman with a few bob to spend

The tents themselves are specified as pods, these have a number ie a 300 Pod is 300 cm. You can just buy a pod and use it or you can add a porch extension or even build a combination tent that joins two or more pods together - incredible modularity and flexibility

If anyone has a user review to share that would be great