Hypercamp are mostly available though Obelink in Holland, these modern (possibly Czech made, but we dont know for sure) tents are exceptional value for money

The main canvas fabric is 285gm/m2 and relatively soft, a bit like heavy denim really. Some of the smaller tents (and their excellent 3.75m square Tarp) use a 185gm poly cotton which isnt quite the same thing but still nicer than a plastic tent. Hypercamp produce a wide range of tent designs, traditional and modern, the easiest way to get hold of them in the UK is by mail order from Obelink as, alas, as of 2011 there is no UK importer, other than for their rebranded Bell tents

One of Hypercamp's classic tents is the Eldorado, a slightly retro 4 berth Dutch Pyramid Design, the grey and blue version shown here was replaced in the 2011 season with a beige and green model. You will find a review of older model the Eldorado here. Hypercamp do a more upmarket Pyramid called the Rosas 4 (right) that comes with a ZIG and slightly bigger dimensions compared to the Eldorado. This would be a very nice alternative to a Cabanon Gaudaloupe.They used to do a model called the Djakarta which was pretty much a slightly smaller green/beige version of the Eldorado (and as cute as a button).

If you are after something a little bigger then there is also the Hypercamp Palamos 6 or even Superior 6 which will give you plenty of roof for all the family. They also do a range of Bungalow tents and Utilities tents which are pretty darn good prices too

In terms of new amazing value Canvas tents there really isnt much else available to the UK market that compares to Hypercamp. They really are a modern day Relum
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