Good quality kit from Holland, made in Holland. Immaculate stitching in top notch Canvas give you a tent to pass on to your kids when your camping days are done. A lot of their tents have straight poles and nice traditional designs but they also do offer a couple of modern dome style tents with bendy poles too

Their website regularly has good deals and they usually deliver to the UK for free for orders over Eu100

The iconic tent in their range is the Hazelnoot/Walnoot pyramid tent. A very traditional Dutch Pyramid design, rather more affordable than a De Waard Albatros but still a thing of beauty in the flesh - dont be put off by the 1970's style photos

A newer addition to the range is the Beluga and slightly smaller, but even cuter, Orca

If you want to buy an extended porch ridge tent they can even offer their Arizona, comes in two sizes (the larger 180 is shown here) and while it isnt the most elegant design they are really nicely put together and not at all expensive for a Canvas tent hand made in Holland
Esvo started out in 1922 as a sail maker but focussed exclusivly on tents since 1955. It remains a family run business with Hollands largest tent production facilites