De Waard are probably THE Iconic Dutch brand, fabulous tents at amazing prices

The tent most people associate with De Waard is the Albatros, a magnificent Dutch Pyramid tent with a price tag of about Eu2000 for the basic tent. If you want an inner tent for it that would be another Eu600. Varioluffles add another huge dollop

An Albatros variant is the twin main pole Zilvermeeuw
Construction and materials really are exceptional, most people in the UK consider Cabanon to be the benchmark brand, but thats because they have never seen a De Waard

In terms of owning a De Waard, unless you are a lottery winner, the best place to look is MarktPlaats where you should see plenty of used adverts. Most Dutch people speak excellent English and some will do a deal and let you arrange a courier - but if you go over 30kg expect a hefty bill even from Shiply. Best way to get a really good deal on a used De Waard is do some research, hop on the ferry for a bit of camping in Holland and go look at the ones you like. Its a great country for camping and touring. The biggest thing that affects the price is age (obviously) and varioluffels - these are amazingly adaptable wings cum windbreaks. Most Albatros sold without varioluffels are much cheaper, but that is becuase most people think an Albatros without them is missing the point

The De Waard website is an okay place for info but you really need to go look at these things if you can to appreciate their beauty. Another good resource is the De Waard forum which even has an English section

A newer name in the scene and one to keep an eye on as Atomatent, set up by some ex De Waard employees they aim to be every bit as good as De Waard and based on their early products they are going to succeed

If you still find the De Waard and Atomatent prices a little high then ESVO are worth a look to Still hand made in Holland but not quite so pricey, or as gorgeous
If you are in the market for a used De Waard then also consider Randstad, they are supposed to be as good asDe Waard but seem to have gone out of business, which possibly means they are somewhat cheaper on the used market
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