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Classic French tent manufacturer (was part of CGI), though they have had a rough ride on recent years are very much going strong in 2011 as they relaunch updates of many of their classic tents, offer a new range of 'retro' tents and rebrand themselves. Still hand made in Dunkerque (and now each one uniquely numbered) they are truly a modern classic

The catalogues were taking up too much room on Joy of Canvas so have been moved over to the Cabanon Owners Club website. You will also find a huge amount of Cabanon model information on that website. One thing we do have are some proper Cabanon Instructions for their Frame Tents

Pretty much anyone who has been camping will have come across Cabanon (I think it is French for 'shed', which is slightly curious but maybe it looses something in translation) and know that the name means quality materials and manufacture. Cabanon was (still is?) the benchmark brand that most of the others were measured against

Still in the 2011 catalogue you will find

Family frame tents - A series Aruba is still there and and the E series Elza, most of the variants are gone which reflects current tastes I guess

Traditional Dutch Pyramid tents like the Barbados (6 berth) , Guadeloupe (4 berth) and Noumea (2 berth)

Modern arched frame designs like Bascaya (Polyester) and Awaya (Cotton) - curvy poles but nice Canvas in various sizes
Mini frame tents like Atlantic and Vis-a-vis Frame tents like Bora bora

Modern retro designs like the simple Montana/Kentucky (ridge tent), curious Tipic (sort of Bell tent) and Yamaska (pure retro) with its extended porch ridge and wooden poles

From previous years the classics are

Those family frame tents, who can forget designs like the Rotunde, while the A series, C series and E series seem to have been in the catalogue forever

The A series consisted a full frame with ridge running from to rear. Available models were - Andorra (4 berth) Antigua (5 berth), Athena (6 berth), Aruba (6 berth) etc

The E series consisted of - Elzas (4 berth), Eloise (5 berth), Elody (6 berth?), Estelle (6 berth), Espace (8 berth) etc

The Rotonde is another Frame tent with a curious but attractive bay window look about it. Another curious Frame tent is the Scenario a sort of hexagonal modular tent with zip on rooms. Other early Frame tents like the Montpellier went through a number of varaitions in its model life.

An no self respecting Frame Tent owner would be without a kitchen or utility tent - Cabanon made several, all to similar standards to their other tents

The Dinky and adorable C series mini frame tents (Frame tent forms with flat sloping roof) are well worth seeking out for their unique style and comfort. They were the Calvi / Etna 2 berth, Calais / Atlantic / Etna (3 berth) , Champagne (4 berth) and Chambord (5 berth)

Vis a Vis Frametents like the Pacific, Adventure, Latitude and Bora Bora which can both be 2 or 4 berth

The Pyramid range consisted of the Pyramide IV and Pyramide VI, both sought after used and still available in the current line up in modified (SIG) form as Guadaloupe and Barbados respectively

A bit of an oddity in the Range was the Cabanon Isabelle a small 4 berth ridge with a zip on flysheet extention. They also did a couple of models with external frames (Montreal and Fidgi) and briefly made Gazebos and Garden tents

The dome tent range (not the flexy fibreglass type frame in your average tent) included Laguna, Cancun and Chamonix (among others) and lead to the development of the Biscaya range in the late 1990s

please - we need some owner reviews of these older tents, and some pictures too

Some history of Cabanon
Started in 1959 in Dunkerque France and still making tents there