Welcome to TheJoyofCanvas. Dedicated to those who love camping under Canvas, those who love Canvas tents and those who love a more old fashioned approach to their camping. This site is also here to help you on your journey if you are relatively new to camping and show you what a great legacy of fantastic Canvas tents that are still available today. If you do decide Canvas is for you we can help you know where to find your new baby, what to look for and how to look after it

This GoogleSite site (here) has been running since early 2011 - thank you for your support, loyalty, help, encouragement. Over the summer of 2012 we were busy moving and updating the site/content to the new site at www.thejoyofcanvas.info, we hope you like the new features/content, navigation and presentation. Don't forget to join the Joy of Canvas Flickr group and share/see picture of your favourite classic tents

This side you will find lots of articles and stuff all about getting hold of great Canvas tents and kit:-

The Articles section is the main content right now and a growing resource of useful and interesting (we hope) stuff. You will find info on where to buy used Canvas and kit, a used tent buyers checklist, how to fix your Canvas tent and taking care of your Canvas. If you dont find what you need then Contact us and tell us

Reviews are in two sections, Classic Tent reviews is growing by the day and intended to be a useful resource to anyone interested in older tents. The plan is to get info and pictures of a sizeable chunk of the tents that crop up on Ebay (we regularly email sellers to ask for pics and info). As a minimum we aim to have some design and floorplan details, as info comes in we develop the page and hopefully even get some user views/reviews when we can. Kit reviews is still relatively small but will grown. In this section you will find a selection of the classic camping related items that can be found in the used market (or sometimes new). Please, if you have owned a classic Canvas tent or piece of kit then do think about reviewing it for the site or just give us more info than you find on the items page. If it is Cabanon specifically you are interested in there is also a Cabanon Owners Club website well worth visiting

There is a section covering most of the main European tent manufacturers who had or have Canvas tentage in their range, some pictures and catalogues are available (though this is restricted due to space limitations and getting permissions). In the (still quite small) kit manufacturers section you will find info on the iconic pieces of camping equipment that has been available over the years. There is also a developing history of some of the main manufacturers (which will grow as info comes to light)

The News/Ebay page is popular, each week we pick a few random items (mostly unusual, old interesting Canvas and kit) from Ebay. Sometimes its amazing kit and sometimes its amazing prices - a tiny bit like Antiques Roadshow without the posh venue really. There are also a bunch of articles on spending almost nothing£10, £30, £60 and £100 to improve your camping experience - if you have any ideas to add contact us

And finally (though it has a ways to go yet) we have a home made stuff section. If anyone has anything to contribute please get in touch

And this side of the page you will find lots of stuff about making the most of camping in great Canvas tents

You will find growing section on camping with kids and a few other realted pages. Have a good look around, if you dont find what you are looking for please use the Contact form and tell us

There is a new but growing Book review section. The aim is to review all the main publications of interest in the field and get them on here, there are also Amazon links for each book (which is the only commercialisation we have on the site)

We are growing a specialist campsite section all about Camping by Water (with a Canoe bias more than fishing but both are covered). But there are plenty of campsite review sites out there so we dont plan to replace any of those

There was demand for Owners Club space, the Cabanon Owners Club developed so much content that a spin off website now exists to host things, it is going from strength to strength. Bell Tent fans should check out the Bell Tent Owners Club.There is also a Relum Owners Club and Hypercamp Owners Club on this site but these need a bit more work and a few more interested parties . . .

Retro camping has a section on its own (but it's influence affects much of this website and it's title may yet change), it is hoped this section will expand over time to include a range of stuff that doesnt comfortably fit with the other sections. The philisophy here (in the website and Retro pages) is about enjoying a 'non-commercial' approach to camping where the "doing" (experience of camping or using the stuff) and "being" (fully present in the experience and the people around you) matter for more than purchasing products (sometimes called "having")

Here is maybe a place to share stories and tips from a bygone era of camping, when almost all tents had straight poles, Canvas was vivid enough to cause retinal damage and pop music came on bits of vinyl. Happy days indeed. Glamping also gets a mention

In the Tent Styles section (again only just in its infancy) you will see a description of a number of tent designs, how they came about, what is good (and not so good) about the design and some of the classic models you can track down if you are interested in owning a model of that form. Not sure how useful this may be to people so please do feedback if it is helpful, incomplete etc

There is a growing Links section with all manner of useful connections to follow up anything you didn't find on this site. And there is a growing variety of mini sections on the side navigation bar for you to explore. Again please feel free to contribute good links and content for the benefit of all (and telling us when the links are broken would be a great help as things do change)