Welcome to my site, My name is Dana Ramsden, I thought I would share with you, the many advantages a Jon boat has over a Fiberglass boat. Note that when comparing boats, you need to compare boats of like size, and use. You don't want to compare a 24' bay boat, to a 15' tiller steer Jon boat, with that in mind, their are 24' Jon boats, that make great bay boats.
    Cost, is one of the biggest advantages, over glass. My boat, is a 15' Alumacraft tunnel hull,I have a removable poling platform, front casting deck, bow mounted trolling motor, and a power anchor, that does everything a power pole does, and will do it in up to 60' of water. I have approx, $4,000.00 in boat motor, and trailer. I fish the same water, that boats costing upwards of $30,000.00 fish in.
I have, and do fish around boats like Hells bay, and Ranger, and Sterling. I'm not saying, a Jon boat is a better boat, than the above boats, but the cost per fish makes it look real nice to me.
    Options, are many, with Jon boats. you can get a plain Jane car topper, all the way up to fully rigged bay boats. I chose to buy a basic boat, and customize to my liking. Today's all welded Jon boats are a great value. You can get tunnel hulls, center, and side console, with live wells, and ample storage, duck hunting boats, with gun boxes, the list goes on.
    Durability, this a big one, I fish for Snook, in some places, that would shred a glass boat. I fish some shallow bridges, and docks that are covered in Oysters, one of my best Snook holes has oysters all over the bottom, and the bottom of my boat, at times is resting on them, I don't want to even think of the damage a glass boat would have, after one trip in their. A good friend of mine has a 18' G3 center console, great fishing boat. He hit a broken off Chanel marker, that
broke off just below surface of water, his boat just bounced off, leaving a small dent. If it had been a glass boat, he surly would have been sunk on the spot.