Gene Young Abstract Knife Painting
  Is making it's debut in Hamilton, Ontario

GuoJin Yang, nicknamed G Gene or Gene Young as he is known in Canada is starting to make a presence. His work is extraordinary and has caught the eye of many since it has been put on display for the first time in Hamilton.

Gene Young Abstract Knife Painting

           Images of possibilities

Centering on the things that intrigue people, Gene Young's Abstract art talks to peoples hearts and makes them feel like they are somewhere they’re not.

Gene's art fills empty spaces with wonders, makes the place that you sit in more appreciable, and gives your imagination a playground where you can see things that your nature wants to see or takes you places you'd rather be.

We are selling these works through specific venues only.

Presently you can see them at: Incognito Restaurant and Wine Bar at 93 John St. Hamilton.
                           You can relax and enjoy a fantastic meal and some fabulous oil paintings.

Abstract art is often created by enormously spiritual people who really enjoy communicating with shapes and color, through imagery and emotion, their own projections, thoughts and feelings.
                 Welcome to the psyche of Gene Young