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The Suicide Note

The text below is what was in the one-page, handwritten suicide note that Jeremy gave to a Richardson High School classmate the morning of January 8, 1991. Other suicide notes were found in the days following Jeremy's death, including a handwritten note dated January 7, 1991 to Michelle B. that said she was not to blame. Jeremy also had mailed to a friend in West Texas at least one other note and an audio cassette in which he detailed his suicide plan. 

Sorry, Nancy, by the time you get this letter I will have blown my head off, aka suicide, better known as (last way out). News flash – not your fault. It’s Michelle’s along with about 137.5 other problems. I was just writing to see if you wanted to go to the funeral. Call my house and ask for my Dad, 690-5338. At least you didn’t have to hear the boom. Love, Jeremy Wade Delle