The Jeras

(and then there were 3)

So this is the website of the Jeras, with coverage skewed ever so slightly to one Ivy Nadine Jera.

Ivy was born weighing 3.82 kg on 16 May, 2:45pm at Wellington NZ regional hospital.  While this website refers to all of us, don't be fooled: it's all about Ivy.

The latest page of pics is:

   (A couple of sentimental pics from Ivy's first day with momma and papa)


More Pictures

Pictures of a nice weekend in Paris:  Bon Weekend

Pictures from our 'adjustment period' in Paris:Jeras Meet Paris

Pictures of Ivy during the Transition:  Globe-trotting baby

Once the bastion of the privileged few, now you too can:  Join the Ivy League

 Pictures of Ivy  during June:Baby Ivy June 06

Pictures from the first three days here:First three hospital days

Pictures from the second three days in the hospital (ugh!) here: Second three hospital days 

Pictures from the first week at home: Jera's first week at home

A few more pics of us first settling in at home: Settling in at home




 Thank you to Kem, who initially set this up so folks around the world could see some Ivy pictures while we were still in the hospital.