This little website is dedicated to the best protein bar ever, the Jake Cake.  Already it has bought happiness to so many. Well, me and some of the people I know.

As a foodie I was shocked at the awful products consumed by the healthiest people at my gym. It became my challenge to produce something that tastes as good or better as the available commercial protein bars whilst matching or improving on the nutritional profile. Popular opinion is that I have succeeded. When I say "popular opinion" I do in fact mean "personal trainers to whom I fed the Jake Cake." 

The Jake cake isn't a mass produced item. It's made as much from unprocessed foods as possible. It is made without soy, industrial preservatives or any other strange additive that you wouldn't recognise as food. Except for the protein powder of course, but you have to accept that as "food" so please suspend your disbelief. The Jake Cake does include nuts, dairy, protein powder and even a little bit of alcohol. It isn't a sensible food for everyone, but if you're following the kind of regime where you need to increase your protein without sending your carbohydrate intake through the roof then the Jake Cake is something you should try. If you are a normal person who doesn't consume protein powder in any form you must feel free to leave. If you do consume protein powder the Jake Cake should be a pleasant change.

If you read the recipe and decide the Jake Cake is too sinful for you, then you are super hardcore and probably haven't eaten what I would call real food in five years. I respect and salute you. Now please leave, you're scaring me.

You can make the Jake Cake in your own kitchen. You don't even need a kitchen, just a food processor and a fridge. 

To be strictly truthful, whilst people have admitted the Jake Cake is "the best protein bar I've ever had", "the best way of eating protein" and "the best protein bar ever" we also refer to these bars as "protein fudge" because of the texture.