Irish Walking Routes

Hundreds of Irish walking routes have been published in guidebooks and on websites during recent years. Many of these routes are now being brought together and presented here by the Ireland Walking Guide through a series of county-based maps. Each location marker on these interactive maps indicates the approximate start point of a published walking route - clicking on a marker will display links to relevant web pages so you can quickly find the information you need.

Select a county from the list below (3-letter codes relate to the key map on the right hand side of this page):

  County Antrim (Ant)

  County Armagh (Arm)

  County Carlow (Car)

  County Cavan (Cav)

  County Clare (Cla)

  County Cork (Cor)

  County Derry (Der)

  County Donegal (Don)

  County Down (Dow)

  County Dublin (Dub)

  County Fermanagh (Fer)

  County Galway (Gal)

  County Kerry (Ker)

  County Kildare (Kid)

  County Kilkenny (Kik)

  County Laois (Lao)

  County Leitrim (Lei)

  County Limerick (Lim)

  County Longford (Lon)

  County Louth (Lou)

  County Mayo (May)

  County Meath (Mea)

  County Monaghan (Mon)

  County Offaly (Off)

  County Roscommon (Ros)

  County Sligo (Sli)

  County Tipperary (Tip)

  County Tyrone (Tyr)

  County Waterford (Wat)

  County Westmeath (Wes)

  County Wexford (Wex)

  County Wicklow (Wic)