The Ireland Walking Guide Photo Competition


Submission guidelines
Tweet your photo entry to
@IrelandWalking - this must be on the submission day specified below only. Entries submitted before or after the specified submission day will not qualify. No more than one entry per Twitter account is permitted. If you submit multiple entries on the day, only the first will qualify. Each entry must only contain a singe photo. As well as mentioning @IrelandWalking, the text in your tweet MUST also include the following two hashtags:

To qualify as an eligible submission, your entry MUST comply with these submission guidelines and contain an image which meets our photo guidelines and diversity guidelines. If your Twitter entry complies with ALL of these guidelines, it will be retweeted once and liked once by @IrelandWalking.

Promote your entry
Copy and paste the link to your original tweet into a new blank tweet. Add text in the new tweet to let other Twitter users know that the link is to a competition entry and that they can vote for it by "liking" it. You can also paste the link into other online locations to encourage others to like it on Twitter.



The winning photo will become the header image of The Ireland Walking Guide's Twitter account and Facebook page for 2 months.



No county can feature as the focal location in more than one winning photo during any 12-month period (excluded counties at this time: County Cork). There can be no more than one winning photo submitted by the same person during any 12-month period. Please check the previous 5 winning photos before submitting.



"Like" it on Twitter
Search for photos tagged
#TheIrelandWalkingGuidePhoto which were tweeted only on the submission day specified below. Choose your favourite photo entry. Vote for it by "liking" its original tweet before midnight at the end of the final day of the voting period specified below.

Promote your favourite
You can help an entry by retweeting its original tweet to let other Twitter users know about it. You can also copy and paste the link to the original tweet into other online locations to encourage others to like it on Twitter.


At the end of the voting period, the number of Twitter "likes" given to each qualifying entry will be recorded. The winning photo will be the one which receives the largest number of Twitter likes. In the event of a draw, the entry in joint 1st position which receives the largest number of retweets will be the winner. If there is still no outright winner, voting will be extended one day at a time for the joint 1st place entries only until there is an outright winner.  If there are no qualifying entries on any submission day, the most recent winning photo will remain in place for another two months.


What we DO want to see
Paths through the type of landscape described in the specified theme below; images which will display well when cropped to wide landscape; images taken hand-held or tripod-mounted; entries from personal Twitter accounts of named people (e.g. Len Scapp).

What we do NOT want to see
Counties whose locations have been the focal features in the winning photos of the previous 5 competitions; entries from the people who submitted winning photos in any of the previous 5 competitions; photos which do not match the specified theme; entries from business accounts on Twitter (e.g Len Scapp Photography); selfies; photos containing identifiable people (photos containing unidentifiable people in the distance are permitted); images taken from UAVs / drones / kites; text (a caption containing the sender's name will be added to the winning photo when it is uploaded as the website's header image); advertising; portrait photos; square photos; movies.



Theme: #IrishWoodlandWalks

Submission day: 20/10/2016

Voting period: 20/10/2016 - 27/10/2016

Winner announcement: 28/10/2016